Tuesday, December 16, 2014

About that Winter Chic set.......

I always love it when someone tells me they love a design.  It makes me smile and I know its worthwhile if I am getting it right(well sometimes apparently). 

That happened with Winter Chic in black.

And luck for us, Darlene Snowbear, model and host at several places in Second Life was happy to share some pictures!  And does she look fabulous! Smart and chic, she makes the set look great when she paired it with red pumps and a red clutch!
Thank you Darlene!

Since its still cold outside..... well winter anyways.....another release for the colder weather!

Here is your sneak peak! It will be in the store today 

Make sure to come and get this darling peacoat! You will love it!  4 colors and one special set that includes the trousers and the coat trimmed with fur.